Saturday, February 12, 2011

Post wedding (not mine)

Well it is now a week after Ilana's wedding, and the change in weather could not be more dramatically different! The weather in the week leading up to the big day was the high 40s and this week has been low 20s and right now it is raining.

The wedding itself went well. There weren't any hiccups actually getting up to Newcastle (2 hour drive from Springwood) in our 12-seater minibus and there happened to be a little bit of a breeze where we had the ceremony on the beach. Unfortunately it did just get hotter and hotter over the night so the reception in the surf club was pretty hot!

It was really good being able to catch up with family and friends over the weekend, as we had a house up there till the Monday. I do love my family (both sides)! :) 

I actually didn't take any photos myself because I was otherwise occupied as a bridesmaid, but I've copied these off some other people (not quite sure who) so I'm not in anyway claiming copyright!!!! 

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