Thursday, February 17, 2011

return of the boomerang

So the last 48 hours have been a bit insane, resulting in me right now being back in England on a train heading up to Liverpool. Yes England! Like I said, crazy. I'd just come home on Tuesday night from hanging out with the boys up the road playing tennis and swimming laps to receive a call from one of the agents in the UK who's been looking for jobs for me, saying that they had a position who definitely wanted ME. The only catch... I needed to start pretty much straight away. I ummed and aahhed a little bit, had a look to see if there were any flights available, had a chat to my neighbours next door about it, and then decided to go for it, see what happens and booked a flight. My parents weren't there at the time (which delayed my decision), so they found out from a note I left on the kitchen when I went out to grab some stuff from a friends' place.

By that time it was probably about 11pm (tues in aus), and I had a flight booked to leave Sydney at 6pm on the 16th. I spent about 3 hours finishing a job application (more about that later) for an opportunity I really want, leaving me with approximately 6-8 hours to pack up everything that I owned (thankfully I dont own much) in my room and pack what I would take to England. Mum and Dad are moving back to Africa, so the house is being rented out so I needed to clear everything out, put it in boxes in the garage if I wanted to keep it for when I come back. Which will be sometime. I'm like a boomerang.

The flight over went quite well, I managed to get 2 seats so could curl up a little bit with that, but unfortunately my TV didn't work very well for most of the 23 hour flight, so I didn't do all that much. I hadn't organised any accommodation, but when I arrived here in London I got a call from my agent saying that she had sorted me out some accommodation at the hospital on campus, which is great because its cheap and right there at work so I don't need to figure out transport around the place.

Right now I am on a train from London to Liverpool going backwards through the countriside past farms and old cottages and farmhouses. It's cloudy but the sun is trying to get through, and its no way near as cold as it was when I left in December which is a very good thing! About ten degrees I think.

I don't really know too much about what I am going to be doing here, other than I am working at Clattebridge Centre in Merseyside, which is a big oncology hospital. So it will be interesting, that's for sure!

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