Sunday, February 13, 2011

Never a dull moment

I don't think I could ever be accused of being boring, or not attracting trouble at times!! Also I definitely have God on my side looking after me hey! So blessed.

I had a great day and night yesterday catching up with Sydney friends and friends who I met in Asia and Europe last year who are currently in Sydney. I went out to a club called the Chinese Laundry. I've known about it for years and been meaning to go for ages, and it worked out that I could go last night. Unfortunately so could many othe people and the queue was insane! Had to wait over an hour to get in to the club, which by the way was totally definitely worth it. There was some UK DJ rusky or something I think his name was who was playing so there was dubstep and DNB playing and crazy dancing galore! :)

I think I'd been there for a couple of hours when I checked my phone and saw a couple of missed calls and a text message from a random saying "Hi, I have found your bag, dont stress, please give me a call back, when you can, thanks..." Cue slight confusion! I had left my bag in my car (technically my brothers car) and had all my ID on me. So I texted back asking what bag and who it was and the guy called me back again (though I couldnt hear anything for the life of me because of the music). Turns out he was a security guard at an office block on Clarence St in Sydney and he'd found my bag and had my ID (old license), credit card, medicare cards etc in it. More confusion....!

So we left the club and went back to meet the security guard and get my bag. I was thinking over it as we were walking, because I had definitely locked the car (I'd double checked) and I figured that the only way my bag would be OUT of the car was if it had been broken into. Which in itself was an issue because a) it wasn't my car and b) the car's insurance has run out.... so if a window had been smashed or anything then I was in trouble.

I didn't really mind about the bag, my main concern was the fact that I'd left my computer in the car, along with my hard drive and USB drives (I have a few). That was my only concern because I had no money in the wallet (except for maybe 5-10 pounds, but I may have used them up in Czech Republic) and pretty much everything of importance/value is on my computer with no backups...

First I checked the car and obviously someone had used wire to unlock the car because the windows were all intact (thank goodness) and the doors were all unlocked. Luckily I had hidden the computer under the seat and that was left untouched. So, nothing was stolen except for my bag. Which is really weird.

Anyway, when we went to meet the security guard to get my bag I was trying to figure out how on earth he had managed to get my number to let me know my bag was missing. I had some documents from England in my bag, and apparently he said he called london to try and figure out who I was!! Not quite sure exactly who he called though. He was saying that he wasn't sure about putting any of the USBs in the computer in case they were corrupted, but ended up doing that and found my mobile number on my resume. Good thing all my documents are organised, but still it would have been a search to find it because it would be under various different folders.

So I'm happy to inform you all that there are still honest, genuinely helpful people out in the world and I've been very blessed this weekend because of that! :)

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