Thursday, June 9, 2011

sleep schmeep

I think I have officially destroyed my body clocks' sense of time! Many late nights due to music mostly. I am addicted to music. It is now 3am and I have just gotten home (from my neighbours flat) and yeah not really feeling tired yet. A brief rundown of my week so far:

Sunday I went to Sheffield in the evening for a young adults meet at the church there and when I got back to Liverpool at 11pm I went over to Hannahs to catch up with some music mates there and watch the open mic (until 2am). I often sing, but it was pretty packed out that night, some wicked random jams with guitars and even a guy with a saxaphone jumped up so that was pretty cool. I've arranged for next sunday that myself and another Aussie guy called Neil, we're going to do an aussie set of music so that will be fun. Someone suggested that we need to play the theme song for Home and Away, so see if that will happen. Would be slightly amusing. A guy played a cover of Postman Pat the other night at Leaf. Absolutely brilliant, everyone joined in!!

I love music. I think that is why I love Liverpool so much. My life here almost revolves around music and different events and things. On Monday night I had a set at a bar called Chameleon, which was through a French guy Augustin I met at Leaf a few weeks back. He is an amazing guitarist/singer in a band called the Dots. Later a whole bunch of us went out afterwards and ended up at his flat where we were jamming and playing each others songs and mucking around. Good fun. But because of that I didn't go to bed, and then it was about 6.30 when I was walking home and it was a beautiful looking day, a bit windy though and then I got home and sort of just kept going and then didn't have any sleep. And then on no sleep I went to Leaf for their open mic, met up with some friends there, got to play there and then after that ended at 11pm went to Hannah's (its on my way home... that's my excuse) and played there as well. So because of that, it was about 2am before I got to bed Tuesday night having had no sleep on Monday night. I think I kind of needed sleep after that because I slept all day yesterday. Literally. I woke up at 4pm! I never do that!

Then tonight I went to connect which was at the Megacentre for church because they are moving back there this weekend. On my way home I went to the supermarket and bumped in to Yaz and Ida, two people who live in the same buildings as me and they invited me to come around (to someone else's flat) for a movie and chill out so I did that and then ended up playing guitar up there as well and having my first (un)official guitar lesson!! actualy part of it was a semi bass guitar lesson too. oh well. woo hoo. I don't even know the name of the songs that the guys were teaching me, but I know that everyone else does and I need to learn a couple more songs that other people can play! Music makes me happy!

In a couple weeks I've got a gig at Zanzibar. I haven't actually been there yet, so will see what it's like. Should be fun. I was pretty excited on Monday when I found out that I'm going to be on a poster for it!! woo hoo!! Cheering. All I need now is to get some paid work singing and I am all set. I've never been paid to sing before. Apparently I should go busking. We'll see! I did get offered some work singing and playing at a restaurant on Lark Lane (major music hangout) except I've got work at Hannah's that night so I wasn't able to, which is a shame. Oh well next time I'm sure something will come up.

Church wise things are going well, except I can't go for a couple of weeks because I'm working and then next week I'm in London for some uni work training. I had a day trip over to Sheffield last week to check out their leadership academy. I'm still undecided, so will see what happens there. It was good to go for a bit of a drive in the countryside, we went down a road called 'snakes pass' rather than the motorway which was nice. The landscapes reminded me a bit of the Lake District, similar sort of mountains. It made me miss my car and being able to go for drives and escape.

I've had some amazing conversations lately about being a Christian and my beliefs and things. There have been times where I immediately tell people, and then others where I have definitely held back out of fear of scaring people away and them not liking me. I was challenged by that on Sunday night, well a good reminder at least that we need to break the silence and talk, meet the needs and forget recognition. This was in reference to the story in Mark 2 about the 4 guys who brought their friend to Jesus by breaking the roof so they could get to him. Brokenness silences us, reduces the confidence we have, the authority and influence we have on our own and others' lives.

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