Friday, June 17, 2011

Fancy that

I'm back in London again this week doing some training in paediatrics. I'm the only Australian but there is an Australian girl and quite a few South Africans. I was chatting with one of the girls from South Africa today about nutrition and interests and things and was talking about international nutrition and the sort of areas that I've been looking at trying to get into. She had never heard or thought about that concept of nutrition before (quite a few people haven't either) and got quite passionate about the topic as well and is probably going to look into doing something like that herself, as her heart is still very much back in Africa. It also came out that she was a Christian as well, so that was cool to discover.

This weekend I'm going to be volunteer again for Action against Hunger at Taste for London which should be good, then catch up with Ben Andison before heading back up to Liverpool. I think I'm working in Manchester next wek at an oncology hospital there I worked at last year which will be good, I haven't worked as a dietitian for a couple of months now and it will be good to refresh my memory not to mention pay my rent! :)

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