Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Commute day one.

Day one of commuting from Liverpool to Manchester for more work at Christie Hospital. And get this right, how funny is this. They guy that I'm replacing, he not only is from Woodford/Lawson (about 10-20 minutes away from where I'm from in the Mountains in Australia), he went to Wollongong Uni to do dietetics as well! He finished the year I started though. Too crazy. There's gotta be someone we mutually know! He's going to Glastonbury Festival for the next 5 days so they've got me covering him.

It's going to be pretty easy week really. They have a massive project where basically they need to nutritionally screen EVERY single new patient who attends the hospital and that's what I'm doing. The commute went well this morning. I leave Liverpool at 6.50am, arrive at Manchester city just after 8, catch a bus to Christies and I had about 15 minutes spare. It was a bit more complicated getting back because it took me longer to get back to the city and I think the people I was commuting with were a bit grumpy about having to wait an extra 10 minutes - even though I did point out that if they picked me up from where I caught the bus to, we would be able to leave at the same time they normally would. So we'll see how that works out. I've got to catch the bus back tomorrow evening because they've got work stuff on somewhere else.

Anyway my blog has been a bit boring lately so I've thrown in a couple more photos of around Liverpool for you to view and a couple more lambananas

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