Saturday, June 18, 2011

Always providing

Once again I have been so so blessed and looked after. As I haven't been working much the past few months, things have been a bit tight at times. On the whole I have been alright with it, but there are defintely times where I'd get stressed or worried thinking about what I should do next, what to do and need to remind myself to just hand it over to God and take it as it comes.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God.
Phillipians 4.6

Over the last few days though, while I've been down in London everything has started falling into place again. It's always one of those, where everything happens happens all at once. On wednesday I had a call from one of the agencies who gets me dietetic work, saying that they had a weeks worth of work from Tuesday next week at Christie Hospital one of the hospitals in Manchester where I had already worked. Because I haven't done any dietetic work in the past 2 months I immediately accepted it beucase I'm already going to be working there for a month in August. Then on Thursday first thing I had anohter call from another agent saying that another hospital i worked at in stockport stepping hill had a vacancy that needed filling, to start Monday next week for at least 4 weeks or longer.

So then I had a bit of a debate, do I stay with the Christies for one week and then the month in August because I had first said yes to them, or take the month at Stepping Hill? I didn't want to go back on my word so said that I would be able to work for stepping hill from teh 28th for all of July if they needed, but I wanted to honour the commitments that I had already made. That was thursday. Then on Friday I got acal late in the afternon sayin that stepping Hill wanted to definitely book me for at least 3 weeks of july starting the 28th. Which essentially means that I am employed for hte next 3 months I believe! Cheering. It was a little bit more complicated than it sounds here though, because while trying to organise this I was in the middle of a course and doing all this training so I'd be lucky to have a five minute break every few hours, during which I"d be making calls and missing calls. But it was all sorted and now I'm set. God provides! :)

I've even managed to already sort out a way of getting over there because I'm not ready to leave Liverpool yet (never though I'd say that I wasn't ready to leave somewhere...). You can get buses to Manchester pretty cheaply, like 3 pounds a trip or something but I figured that there would be someone somewhere commuting, so had a look on gumtree, put an ad up and almost imediately linked up with agirl who is driving from basically where I live in Liverpool to the centre of Manchester and petrol costs are split 3 ways so should only cost about 13 pounds a week. God is definitely looking after me.

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