Monday, July 5, 2010

Blessings and batteries

I've been quite looked after lately, in many different ways. As I may have mentioned earlier, my car died and was sold to the wreckers about a month ago before I went to Mildura with the grand total of 20 years and 420,000km to its name.

Since I got back to the mountains I've been getting around mostly on foot with the odd occasional lift or borrowing my parents car if it's available at the time. Last week I spent the day with Erin and Charli, and Jared happened to buy a new car and they were kind enough to offer me Eleanor, Erin's car to borrow for the remaining 2 weeks that I'm in Sydney for. It has come in so handy and been a massive blessing.

I love older cars! Eleanor is an old corolla - complete with no power steering and a battery that can be a touch fiddly. I was driving the other night and saw something that made me laugh - Eleanor has an analog clock on the dashboard! cute.

Tonight I learnt the long way that its probably not the smartest idea to leave the lights on... not that I did that intentionally! Especially when you are in castle hill... I was watching a movie with friends at a fundraising event and went back to the car to discover that I had a flat battery and my friends' phones were all off... not good!! I sort of just waited there for about an hour, asking people who went past if they had jumper leads.

I discovered that a majority of people in Castle Hill don't have jumper leads, don't know what jumper leads are, or have jumper leads in their "other car". I would have push started the car myself (i have done that once on my own- scariest thing I ever did while at uni down a hill full of parked cars) except because eleanor has no power steering I probably would have either smashed into the car infront or the column in front of me... neither seemed like a smart move.

thankfully after about an hour of patient waiting some girls waiting to be picked up asked if I needed jumper leads as their mum had some. So took a quick drive to my car with them and bumped into another guy with jumper leads who also helped us out and we were all quickly on our way, no worries!

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