Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a response to today and FB statuses

I've all finished up in mildura so am back in Sydney now. The two main topics of the day (and of facebook status so it seems) are the socceroos out of the world cup, and the more shocking dismembering of the labour government and kevin rudd being outsted as prime minister for Julia Gillard.

I don't see myself as being well-educated enough in politics to make any specific judgements so I'm not about to enter the debate of the rights or wrongs of what has happened here. I would just like to comment on people's reactions and attitudes, maybe challenge people a little to think before they speak (or write).

I have seen FB statuses today, from a mixture of friends, but particularly christian friends making extremely rude and disrespectful comments made towards our new prime minister. While I agree that the manner in which this change has occurred could have been better, I don't think that we (especially as christians) should be so rude and disrespectful to be calling someone in charge of our country a "witch", "bogan", "ginga", "ranga", "gilltard"....

Just because we don't particularly agree with what someone has done, is no reason to be rude, and show such petty name calling. I thought we were above that, better than that. Maybe I was wrong.

As a side note, I was having a bit of a chat earlier with my mum about how I make friends with the doctors easily in the hospitals I work at. I know alot of people working in the hospital who are scared to approach the doctors and ask them to help with this or that patient. Which is crazy because ultimately we are all there working as a team, for the better health of our patients.

It's the same for pastor's and missionaries, or anyone in power. Often we can look in awe up at them, think "wow that's so amazing what they are doing, I could never do that... ". Rubbish! We are all the same, we just have different gifts and talents. Doesn't mean anyone is better than anyone else.

People in power, people with higher positions than us are still people. They still have their insecurities, their vulnerabilities and they are just human. they make mistakes too. While we shouldn't be putting anyone on pedestals unnecessarily, I don't think we should be tearing them down either.

Speaking of doctors. I got a bit of a lecture from one the other day. Funniest moment of my week. I wasn't sure whether to take him seriously or not. I clarified something he had said about children with "you mean kids?" and ended up with a 15-20 minute rant about how we should not call a child a baby goat, that there were perfectly acceptable english words to use, and proceded to give me an english lesson in words that ended in "ren" and various names for groups of animals I had never heard of. hilarious! did you know, that a group of cows is a kine? I didn't.

That's my two cents worth for the day.

“Respect your fellow human being, treat them fairly, disagree with them honestly, enjoy their friendship, explore your thoughts about one another candidly, work together for a common goal and help one another achieve it. No destructive lies. No ridiculous fears. No debilitating anger.” --Bill Bradley

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