Wednesday, July 21, 2010

living off $2 a day

In the last couple of days I have noticed the following things about London:

* Considering how old London is, it is so clean!! There is barely any rubbish anywhere, they have recycling bins everywhere (yay!!) and its just so clean... can't explain it any better than that!

* There are policeman everywhere!! policeman on horses, policeman in yellow jackets, policeman with those big bucket hats on, policeman on motorbikes, policeman with little caps on.... I

* You drive on the left hand side of the road, BUT you walk on the right side of the path - weird!

* Food is priced about the same as australia (in the supermarkets) and pretty good quality too.

Okay - now onto more important issues. I'm coming onto this a bit late as its only about 2 weeks away, but I have accepted the following challenge and am looking for people who will support me in this (fully tax deductable).

I am joining a 1 week fundraising event called Live below the line where I'll be living off $2 per day (as I'm in the UK, that's going to be altered to whatever that is in pounds - about 1.60 pounds i think atm) to raise money for poverty in Cambodia.

Please check out the link and if possible I'd really appreciate your contributions. I'm going to do it from the perspective of a dietitian and look at how nutritionally complete or inadequate a diet you can make from that.

For every additional $100 I raise, I'll do an extra day.

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