Monday, January 30, 2012

A new home

I'm on a train again, heading home. Liverpool to London... a trip I have completed many a time now since moving to London for my masters degree. The last few weeks have absolutely flown by, with it seeming like I can barely find a moment to breathe, let alone sleep at times with the busyness of uni, not to mention moving house. Again.

Yes I have moved again, I think this is number 33 of places I've lived at. But I feel home now, I actually enjoy going back there, being there during the week. This move was something that I needed to do, that was beneficial to me and my health. For those who I've spoken to about it, the flat that I was living at was adequate. In theory it was fine. It was cheap, clean, not too far away from my university. The problem was the atmosphere. I felt like I was living in a prison, like I had to tiptoe around. It never ever felt like 'home'. Yes the room was small and that is a bit of a pain, and my few meagre belongings over cramped the room, but the problem was just with the house itself. I felt trapped, it was dark, there was no sense of community or involvement between flat mates. People got home, made food and went to their room and stayed there. It made me miserable to go home and I avoided it at all costs - often staying at uni till 10, 11pm at night to avoid having to go there, anticipating getting told off for something  probably hadn't done by one of the much much older flat mates. I needed out!

I'd thought about moving out late last year before Christmas came, but decided to stick it out as I am technically in a 6 month contract. But two days of being back in the flat after being away over the Christmas period I just had had enough, and got in contact with some people I had been talking with last year, discovered that a room was available, checked it out that night and decided pretty much on the spot that I wanted to and needed to move in.

So I am now living in the North, in a very multicultural, bustling and friendly area with a German guy and a Swedish girl. I love my new house, it is bright and airy and just friendly and happy. We've had some shared dinners together and it is just a place that I enjoy being, doors are kept open when people are in so we can chat and say good night or morning. My room is also much much bigger for the same price. I have an upright piano in there which I've been playing alot. That may be going soon though as the landlord apparently is going to come and get some people to collect it soon. But I'm enjoying it for the meantime! I love the area as well, there are food markets and lots of different shops with foods you just can't get anywhere else. Even the tesco there has different world food you can't get elsewhere. I'm terrible, everytime I go to the shop for one or two things I come back with ten!!! You can buy big big packets of spices and herbs and beans for less than a pound at times. Lots of good yummy food coming ahead I see!!

Also, my ride to uni has become much much safer and quicker as I now get to ride through residential areas of London pretty much the entire way, via Arsenal football stadium so I barely see any cars. This is a change, as when I lived in the East I rode through peak hour traffic the entire way, frequently riding in the middle of the road between opposing traffic. So much safer and more relaxing way to travel. I can catch the tube as well, and that is a 12 minute journey but riding is much cheaper and keeps me fit at the same time at 10km each way! :)

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