Thursday, January 5, 2012

Displaced into the new year

I wrote a few days ago about New Years Eve, about how it is usually a happy time for friends and family to get together and celebrate a new year. I learnt yesterday about how in South Sudan, over the Christmas New Year Period thousands of local and expatriats have been abandoning their homes and fleeing for their lives in the bush and swamp lands of Pibor

Two of three Medicins sans frontiers (MSF / Doctors Without Borders) medical health facilities, the only ones in the area have been targeted and looted. These 3 health facilities cater for over 160,000 people are the closest for 100km. The organisation has not been able to contact 130 of the 156 locally employed staff that were living in the area. Displacement camps have been established 5-7 days walk from the area with food rations and supplies being distributed from other humanitarian organisations.

I hope we can all spare a moment for these people who's lives have been upturned.

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