Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vang Vieng

So.. I am still in Vang Vieng! I was only planning on staying here for 3 days max, yet, still I am here. Vang Vieng, to the uninformed is a town that particularly caters for tourists, known well as a party town for the tubing and bars, high rope swings, slides, river activities, caving, rock climbing, drugs, sex. You name it, chances are its available in Vang Vieng. As a girl who barely drinks and doesn't do drugs some wonder how i would fit in, or what i would do in a place like Vang Vieng. It is a very interesting place to be a Christian in - not the usual hangout that would be expected of people who believe. It has made for some very interesting discussions and openings with other travellers. I've made quite a few good friends during my time here.

Yesterday morning I had purchased a bus ticket to continue down south to Vientiene, to be leaving this morning. However, last night I got chatting to one of the guys working at a couple of bars on the river and got offered a job (my second job offer this week). I can't really explain why, but for some obscure reason it felt like the right thing for me to do (against better judgement I'm sure some would say). So i said I would see if i could get a refund or exchange on my bus ticket, which i did. So today I will be working on the river for Monkey Bar but for Bucket Bar for the remainder of my time in Vang Vieng (which i doubt will exceed more than aweek as i'll get bored too quickly).

So yes, I'm not sure what this experience will bring. I'm sure it will be another challeng, but i'm praying that it opens plenty of opportunities to talk with people as to why i don't drink or smoke or do drugs (i've found it often impresses people, they don't expect that). I've had a few discussions about being a christian with people, and hopefully it opens up more doors. I don't know for sure what my purpose is for being here, but I feel that I should be here for a little while at least, perhaps minister to other travellers? I'm not sure. but I'm sure i'll find out! :)

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  1. Just be and reflect Jesus. Don't talk about religion or christianty, just talk about Jesus, His stories and what He means to you. The Spirit will lead you. Will be praying