Sunday, March 28, 2010

sihanoukville (or at least part 1 of it)

Just a quick update while I am waiting for the bus. I am currently in Sihanoukville, and am catching a night bus (I have some sleep enhancement drugs ready in hand) to siem reap, which should be approximatley a 10-12 hour night drive. I have been on sleeper buses before which can be tolerable, but I don't think this is a full sleeper bus, but one where the seats go back about 45 degrees.

the last few days here in sihanoukville have been relaxing, but also tiring. I think I might be getting a bit worn out in a few different ways which isn't good, so it was nice and probably helpful to just rest and not do too much. I had one day where my eyes started to get a bit infected which wasn't good. And very very unfortunately my foot is now puffing up alot and getting red. I thought the salt water here would do it good, but unfortunatley the water is not clean at all and quite grubby so I believe that has caused it to become infected. I visited the pharmacy today and got some antibiotics so hopefuly it will start to go down, otherwise i'm visiting the doctor when i arrive in town tomorrow.

On my first half day here, I managed to catch up with 2 swiss guys I know from my days in Vang Vieng, as well as a few others I worked with while in Vang Vieng. The sun was out and shining and wonderful. Then friday I woke up to the sound of rain - I thought it must have been my imagination but no it was most definitely rain happening outside!

I have had some interesting conversations with the people I have met, both old friends and new friends. Because I don't drink alot, and i have never used drugs or anything like that, it has impressed alot of people. As 'squidge' puts it, "you inspire me to be a better man". I can only hope and pray that my being friends with these people (some of whom are solid drug users) might in some way make a change or positive impact as they know I am a devout christian.

I'll have to write about what things are like here in sihanoukville, and my other adventures (including riding with 3 passengers and 1 driver on a scooter) :) next time....

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