Sunday, March 21, 2010

4000 islands

So I'm feeling significantly better now which is great. I spent most of yesterday doing not too much, chilling and trying to get over being sick then went swimming for a bit in the afternoon. Met a couple of English guys who I've been hanging out with ever since. We were watching the 'moose' (water buffalo) swimming/sitting on the beach with everyone else (one guy sat on it and tried to ride it - one very chilled out water buffalo that was), swimming in the river and playing around on some tubes we got off some other guys we met. I am proud to say I am the winner of the standing up on an inflated tyre tube contest!

Anyway as a result of that fun and games in the river I ended up with my first major injury of the trip (apart from the many bruises I have obtained but that is just normality for me). The boats dropping people in and out off the mainland come to the same beach where you swim around and one time while I was trying to swim around and get out of its way I accidently kicked the propellar (which thankfully was immobile) and got a bit of a nasty deep cut on my foot. The two guys I were with were kind enough to patch me up and I have a nice big duct-taped bandage over my foot (to make it waterproof!!). I now aso have a really strong tan line on my foot from the same. ah well.

Today we hired bikes and went and explored the island of Don Det and Don Khon (next door), saw some waterfalls and rode the very very long and extemely bumpy ride down to the southern tip off Don Khon. The road is gravel and pure rock and my mountain bike had no rubber on the handlebars so i got a bit of shockage from that! Went swimming near one of the waterfalls and had lunch at a local joint nearby where some kids were running around amok. Very cute but absolutely filthy with dirt. Then with no map and no real directions we continued our ride and thankfully made it down to the other end of the island where we hired a boat (60,000kip for 3 people) and were driven around the extremely rocky waterways of the river to the favourite haunt of the rare irrawaddi dolphins. Im happy to say that we did manage to see many many of these creatures. They are a bit shy though - you dont see much more than their nose and fins, not like salt water dolphins. I got a few on video but not up close and there is no hope of getting them on a photo as they are so quick and you dont know where they are going to come from. Probably will head to cambodia either tomorrow or the day after.

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