Monday, December 12, 2011

Are you a digital dinosaur?

I saw this sign on a building just near my house yesterday and it made me smile. I have no idea who put it there or why, but it is an interesting thought to be waiting for your life to begin, rather than living in the moment and what we have here today right now.

The other day I unfortunately had to catch the tube, using the long journey to update my knowledge of news and events by reading the wealth of useful and important information known as the Metro newspaper! *cough cough* Anyway, I came across an interesting article about how technology has changed and some previously normal activities are on the verge of becoming extinct, learning that if you frequently do any of these activities then you, my friend are a digital dinosaur.

As I read through the list it quickly came apparent to me that I am not quite up to date in my technological methodologies. I often write letters by hand, use a map for a car journey (at least I did when I last owned a car!), use pagers and faxes especially when working in the hospitals and while I dont really have a CD collection on me as most of my CDs are in Australia, I do on the odd occasion buy CDs. I will hand wash clothes when travelling to avoid paying for laundry, I always hang washing outside in winter because there is no where else for it to go (I live in a room not much bigger than my bed) and love car boot sales/garage sales and op shops (charity shops). I'm sure there are more but I think I have thoroughly demonstrated here that I am a dinosaur!

Apparently you are also a digital dinosaur if you do multiple of the following:

  • Ring the cinema to find out times
  • Go to the travel agents' to research a holiday
  • Record things using VHS
  • Dial directory enquiries (I don't even know HOW to do this!!)
  • Use public phones
  • Book tickets over the phone
  • Print photos
  • Put an ad in the shop window
  • Ring the speaking clock (there's a speaking clock??)
  • Carry portable CD players
  • Buy disposable cameras (this one is handy for weddings)
  • Take change for pay phones
  • Make mix tapes
  • Pay bills at the post office
  • Use an address book
  • Reverse charges in payphones
  • Visit a bank or building society
  • Buy TV listings
  • Own a encyclapaedia
  • Queue for car tax at the post office
  • Develop and send off for photos
  • Read the yellow pages
  • Look up something in a directory
  • Remember phone numbers or have a phone book
  • Watch videos
  • Have pen friends
  • Pay by cheque
  • Make photo albums
  • Watch programmes at the time they are shown
  • Dial 1471 (anyone who can tell me what this means wins!)
  • Warm hot drinks on the stove
  • Try on lots of shoes in shops
  • Advertise in trading papers
  • Send love letters
  • Hand write essays/schoolwork
  • Buy flowers from a florist
  • Work out how to spell something yourself
  • Keep a personal diary
  • Send postcards
  • Buy newspapers
  • Keep printed bills or statements

I guess we are living in a society where life is changing faster and more rapidly than ever before. It will be interesting to see what the future does bring - whether in a few years time we will be looking at things like the internet and thinking of how old fashioned and behind the times it is!

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  1. If you dial 1471 in the uk (*69 in the USA) it tells you the number of who just called you. Useful on landlines without caller ID. Julian xx