Thursday, December 8, 2011

Africa United

I went and saw a movie premiere last week, haven't really done that before but the movie sounded really interesting, being about these kids from Rwanda who ended up unintentionally making their way from Rwanda all the way down to South Africa to participate in the opening ceremony of the African United football match, and it sounded very intriguing. Subsequently it is called Africa United. If you ever get the opportunity to watch it, I definitely recommend it, as a light hearted, entertainining and funny movie to watch. It starts with one of the main characters Dudu explaining how to make a football in Rwanda. First you need a condom, any condom will do.... :) Very entertaining. He is a wealth of information on the uses and users of condoms (other than fooballs) in a very amusing way. The producers/directors and writers of the film wanted to produce a film that was producing a positive picture about Africa, rather than a negative one. It was also important for them that they could develop the local film industry, chosing to produce the film in the country it was portrayed as being in (Rwanda), in contrast to the movie Hotel Rwanda which was actually filmed in South Africa (controversial!!!).

The producers/directors of the movie were at the premiere that I went to, and it was really interesting to discuss with them the way they produced the film and where. Even though the movie travels through Rwanda, Congo, Burundi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa etc, they were only able to actually film in Rwanda, Burundi and South Africa. God is present throughout the entire movie, particularly through one of the characters Beatrice who prays frequently throughout the film. During the question and answer time one person asked the question why God was such an integral part of the film, to which the response was 'anyone who has ever been to Africa can see how integral God is into much of society'. Having lived in a Zambia, that is definitely true, many parts of Africa God is a real, life breathing and current focus of life, where it is normal and natural to pray and speak about God and live in relationship with him.

All in all, I found it a very entertaining and enlightening film that if you get the chance, I'd recommend you go and watch. :)

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