Sunday, July 24, 2011

What's in a name

So I survived that potentially dangerous train ride. I think someone just forgot their suitcase.... oops! I found it slightly amusing when just after the announcement was made stating that "this is currently a high security risk" half the train emptied at the next stop!

At work the other day I overheard (then joined in) a conversation between a couple of patients about their names, why and who they were named after and the actual name that they use or are called. I found it quite fascinating, because sometimes you wonder how people get their nicknames from. Sometimes nicknames are derived from their acual name and can be guessed but othertimes you sort of think, 'huh? where did that come from?!'. For example, I used to be called Batman by a friend, which didn't really make any sense but that was what I'd get called.

The ladies I were speaking with, one of them had the name Constance Elizabeth but she was known as Betty. I was given a lesson while writing my notes for work on the multiple names you can derive from one name. This lady was born in the 1920s and Betty was quite a common name in those days. She was named after her aunty Lily (Elizabeth) and Connie (Constance). Traditionally Elizabeth could also be used interchangeably with Isobel and common nicknames included Lizzie, Bessie, Lisbet, Betsy, Elisa, Eli and Beth.

So. Whats in a name hey? Some people have names that mean something others don't. Well thats not entirely true. All names actually mean something (unless of course it is a made up name) but some people are named for a reason, or the name used is specific. I have friends and family where every family member has a Hebrew name found in the Bible with a specific meaning behind it.

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."  
Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

Adding to my superlambanana collection is the following picture. I'm going to have to find out what their names are. I learnt today as I was procrastinating from my study that there are over 120 superlambananas in merseyside... I could be searching for a while!

View from the top of the cathedral by sunset

The big Anglican Cathedral is a bit of a stand-out tourist point in Liverpool, and it is just around the corner from my flat. I can actually see the tower from my windows and anytime there are bells going for some event (like the Royal Wedding) or church on Sunday you can hear them - providing the windows are open of course!. On thursday nights you can climb the tower and check for the sunset. I went a week or two ago with a friend. It was surprising how much you could and couldn't see because the windows or gaps aren't all that big really. Unfortunately it wasn't a very colourful night but it was cool anyway. There is an opportunity to abseil off the tower in September so if I'm still around here then I'll probably give it a shot!!

My Flat is the brown building right in the middle!

Cathedral by night - a regular site as I walk home.
A couple of weeks ago I caught the train up to Crosby Beach to have a bit of a wander around and checked out the statues on the beach. It was quite funny because when I first got there I thought 'Oh look there's someone in the water' then I realised they were statues. Some are close to shore and others are 50-100 metres out in the water so depending on whether its high or low tide influences how much you can see them. I wouldn't have wanted to have been the guy who planted them though - the water looks pretty scummy and there are these massive brown/red jellyfish everywhere!

The men at Crosby Beach

Crosby men in and out of the water
I love discovering the signs in Liverpool. My latest discoveries are these two - do you care and do you worry about climate change. They are just little things to make you stop and think as you wander around town on your day.

Do you worry about climate change?

Old 'Do you care?' sign

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