Saturday, May 21, 2011

finding jobs to do

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(Written on Wednesday morning but no internet till now... ) I’ve had quite an interesting past week. I ended up having an interview for a sales/management/marketing position which somehow I was offered. I spent a week going to their training, orientation and all that jazz to decide very quickly on the field that it wasn’t something I felt comfortable doing. Basically they were selling electricity and gas to people. The product itself I didn’t have any issues with because it actually was a good deal. What I didn’t like or feel comfortable with was the sales pitch and the sort of forcing yourself onto other people, purposely confusing them to get them to sign. I don’t particularly agree with that. 

On the work-front however I have been working a lot more at Hannahs bar, and should be going full-time next week I think. I actually really really enjoy it! The staff are a lot of fun and generally it’s a good work environment. It’s a massive steep learning curve in terms of knowing what the alcohols are, beer and how to pull them and making cocktails, but my confidence there is growing and before you know it I’ll be up to speed with the rest of them! J

Dietetics wise, I’ve got an interview next week on Wednesday for  a 2-day renal position in the Wirral which I am hoping to get. That combined with Hannah’s and the part-time masters I’m doing should be able to keep me out of trouble for now!

Right now though, I am on another plane!  Destination: Paris! I’m pretty excited about this. It is a definite last minute trip as I only booked the flights about 30 hours ago or so. Two good friends of mine from Australia, Bree and Mike are in Europe for the next couple of weeks and because I really wanted to see them, it was either these few days in Paris, or a weekend in two weeks time in the Greek Islands. Naturally I wanted to go to the islands and take full advantage of the beaches, but Paris was by far the cheaper of the two options. I’m looking forward to it, should be fun!

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