Friday, April 15, 2011

Just when...

Just when you think things are quietening down and maybe becoming more settled, it all goes crazy again. Welcome to my life...

So I made the decision earlier this week that I would stay in Liverpool, and see what there is in store for me here. On the weekend I'd been out in town with my French friends and I met up with them first at this place called Anthony house just behind the Anglican Cathedral. I was chatting to one of the guys who lived there (knowing that I'd potentially be needing to move within the next week) and he gave me the contact details of the people in charge. So Tuesday night I checked out one of the rooms at Anthony House, then last night I decided that I'd make a decision (shock horror) and rent there. The flat is pretty cool, I'm going to be sharing with an English guy, an Italian guy a Spanish guy and a Chinese guy, but I think the Chinese guy is about to move out by the sounds of it. 

Anyway, so things seem to be piecing themselves all together. I'm feeling significantly calmer, a bit more settled about life now which is awesome, and 2 locum jobs came up yesterday in Liverpool as well which would be amazing if I got one of them. So I guess it's a case of waiting to see what happens. Well not really waiting, I haven't had a moment to wait because I've had to pack and move out of Elm House at Clatterbridge, store my stuff at one of the dietitians I've been working with and then got a packed out weekend and week ahead which should be awesome. It's all coming together - God's definitely looking after me :)

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