Sunday, November 28, 2010


After much debate, delay and deliberation.... I have now got a complete itenerary for the remainder of the year!!! This is probably the best planning I've done in ages!!

29th - Fly Manchester - Malaga (Spain) and then catch a bus to the town where I am doing some volunteer work. I'm here until the 11th December - accommodation/board included with the work.

 11th - Fly Malaga - Manchester

13th-22nd work at the hospital here in Manchester (yet to find somewhere to live)
22nd/3rd Go to Felixstowe with Aunty June
24th-27th Shoreham for christmas with Uncle Arthur and Barbara
 27th Fly London-Amsterdam, spend the day and night there (yet to find somewhere to stay). explore amsterdam
 28th Fly Amsterdam - Prague (somewhere to stay sorted!). explore prague in snow
29th Fly Prague - Dubai and see Sam!!!! :)
29th-13th Explore dubai

 13th: Fly Dubai - Beijing - Shanghai - Sydney arriving the 14th at Kingsford Smith Airport Terminal 1 at 9.30am!!

beyond that is Ilana's wedding on the 5th, Sam coming to visit Aus at some point in Feb and all my in betweens are another blank slate!!

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