Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Greetings from Spain!


Well. You know my ability to plan and things to work out well? or maybe not so well?! I did make it safe and sound to Malaga, but travel any further, I did not! I got a bus from the airport to the city centre bus station, where I was informed that the was no bus until 0730 hours tomorrow. Cue slight distress! I'd checked the time table on the internet and there was meant to be buses till about 3pm, but apparently not according to 2 different service desk people.

I took this photo when I started to walk intending to hitchhike.. in case it actually worked!

I debated my options. a) wait till the morning b) catch a bus to cadiz and then try get back from there or c) try and hitchhike. Well I started to go for option c and to be fair I gave it a fair go, in the sense that I probably walked for an hour just to get out of the city to find the motorway towards cadiz, realise there was no way a pedestrian could get onto it, and gave up in defeat and walked back into the city and found myself a place to stay (in spanish!). I probably should have just walked into the city to start with, but oh well I tried!

The street where I stayed in Malaga
It is raining alot here, but with a temperature of 10 degrees it is bliss compared to the 0 and below of manchester!!! Luckily I had my waterproof jacket and boots so my feet and upper body were dry (hair and jeans a bit wet though...).
Christmas Spirit in Malaga

Having walked around the outer parts of the city, and now been t the inner city, I can say there is a huge difference (I prefer the inner city). I really like good architecture, the old buildings and my initial impression of Malaga was of tall, old grubby buildings which would not have inspired me to return. The centre however, is beautiful! Very European buildings, of a variety of era's and nationalities (if that makes sense), there is a roman fort. When I come back in 2 weeks I'll have to try and explore a bit more. It seems like a nice city. I don't think I've heard barely any english since I've arrived pretty much, so should be good for whipping my spanish up a little! I can get the general gist of what people are saying I just forget what to say back!

hasta luego...

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