Wednesday, October 10, 2012

back to normality

Yet again time has flown by without any entries. Since June this year I spent two months researching in Zambia, learnt some of the challanges of cross-cultural communication while doing so, got attacked by a baboon,  came third in a 20km mountain bike race across the Zambian bush, spent a solid couple of weeks almost permanently attached to a computer while writing my dissertation, managed to finish my dissertation and hand it in, get a job, move (again) and start making some sort of normality (??!) of my life

So. yes. Busy! I've been so blessed in how everything has turned out. While I was writing my dissertation I was informed by a friend about a position at clatterbridge hospital where I previously worked, interviewed and got the position as an oncology dietitian (cancer) for the next 6 months. I'm even allowed to take 6 weeks off while Im away in Australia over Christmas, which was more than could have possibly asked for. I've been working now for 6 weeks I think, as I started the week after my dissertation completed and am now getting into a routine and pattern. I've even been able to ride my bike to work! Its 8.5 miles each way which doesn't realy make any sense to me i'm guessing about 13km maybe. The only reason I know in miles is because google said so! Its actually quite a nice ride, going thrgh the forest and the country roads and lanes. However, with all the dirt tracks and the torrential rain (for england!) that's been hapening last month (floods everywhere) I didn't get to ride quite as much as I would have liked to ensure I didn't arrive to work completely covered in mud!

 Anyway enough for now. I'll have to start filling in all the details of what happened in Zambia in another post. For now here are a couple of pics of my time over there :)

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