Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A brief look at Liverpool

Almost a month past already! I quite like Liverpool, its a pretty cool place. Lots to do in the city and in the Wirral (where I'm living at the moment). Lots of young adults and students (apparently I look about 20 and like a student) to hang out with. I've been spending most evenings in Liverpool and weekends exploring a little bit, getting some guided tours by locals and learning more about the history of the place and how to (badly) speak scouse.

Albert Dock
Slavery has a big part of history in Liverpool - 40% of the worlds slaves and 80% of British slave ships docked at some point in Liverpool at Albert Docks. The first slave ship left Liverpool in 1699, with slave trading being made illegal in England in 1807.

The building with the birds
I forget the name of the building in the photo above. But apparently, the birds on top of it which are facing opposte directions. The closest bird is facing the water welcoming the ships in from sea and the bird facing away from the water is looking at the pub where all the men are going to end up once they land on solid ground again. They are tied down to the building because it was said that if they flew away (or fell down perhaps) then Liverpool would be doomed. Which wouldn't look too good for the city!

Fame wise,  a few names from merseyside are well known around the globe. Daniel Craig aka new James Bond is a local wirral man born in Chester I think (there's a signed poster at the hospital) and with the local music scene, Liverpool is also famous for producing the Beatles!

lots of lambananas

All around the area there are these lambananas. These are iconic works of art (each unique) with the biggest one being bright yellow and 6 metres high. They were designed by a japanese artist Taro Chiezo created to warn people of the potential dangers of genetically modified foods, and appropriately located in liverpool because of it's history trading lambs and importing bananas. Apparently you are meant to go around and get your photo taken with them all (something I am yet to do). I can't actually pronounce it right either. It is MEANT to sound something like lummbanana but I am yet to perfect that accent! These things seriously crack me up, they are so random and everywhere. We have one at the entrance of the hospital where I work as well.

meet a lambanana
On my first weekend walking around Liverpool I managed somehow to walk pretty much straight past the big Anglican Cathedral. Still don't quite get how I managed to do that, but I did. I managed to pop up there for a quick look just before the sun set the other day and had a look inside before it closed. Amazing, absolutely beautiful from the inside, a bit in your face on the outside, but definitely breathtaking and worth a look. I don't understand the green dude out the front though!

weird green guard of the church man

Inside the church just before the camera died

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