Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Prague in Winter

In Prague airport just about to get on the plane for Dubai!  I spent the afternoon yesterday wandering around Prague in the cold cold cold (it went below -7 at the time). Hmmmm, one day of that made me regret not bringing a jumper or having a 'proper' jacket!!! Lots and lots of layers it was!

Prague is such a beautiful city. I'll let my photo's tell the story as it does more justice than words.

I didn't stay out in Prague quite as long as I had anticipated as the cold REALLY got to me. I think every single part of my body was cold. It probably didn't help either that my boots have fallen to pieces and had a big crack at the bottom and were leaking so I ended up with cold wet feet.... So I went home to re-warm and the boots are back in the bin so its back to the old converse (few years old). Moral of the story: buy better boots!! (and a winter jacket!) :)

Christmas Markets in Town Square
 In town square, where last time with CS we did all the free hugs, this time it was full with Christmas markets.

Not sure when I'll be able to write again as I've heard Dubai is pretty pricey for internet. But I will do my best as sussing out free internet- seem to have a knack for it!!! :)

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