Monday, October 18, 2010


An interesting statue in Glasgow!

I'm currently on the train heading back to Manchester after a long weekend up in Glasgow and Edinburgh catching up with Sam and some friends. I am once again amazed at how quickly time has flown by.

I have spent the last week couch working at the Christie Clinic in a locum oncology (cancer) position with private patients within the NHS public hospital. Even though there hasn't been a huge number of patients to see at the moment, the work itself has been challenging which I've enjoyed.

At the moment I am surfing a mates house which coincidently is just around the corner from the Christie Clinic. Initially I was sleeping on the couch and/or floor but my mate Alex is away at the moment in Austria so he kindly offered his room to me for the week. And... as he is a strong smoker, I managed to swap that room with one of the other guys an Aussie by the name of Andy who I met in Newcastle in August (non-smoking room) so I have managed to upgrade to my own room which is pretty cool! atleast for this week, then it's probably back to the floor!

I'm enjoying the house though, its very much a boys house!! Even though it's a mess, we have sorta created a little temporary family there,and I love it. A couple of us have been alternatively making dinner. It's great when you walk through the door at about 5.30 absolutely starving to have dinner ready for you. Even if it is only swiss meatballs with a big serve of mashed potato. I've done a little bit of cleaning around the place, but refuse to do all of it even if I am getting free accommodation atm!! I cleaned the oven last week because I wanted to make muffins without them tasting like smoke... I chiselled out a big big bowl full of charcoal from the bottom!! No wonder it smoked every time they turned it on!

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